The Wellgro Co.’s mission is to teach kids in the US about REAL food. Our vision is to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic in our country. We can impact this vision by putting REAL food back into the school system – both in the cafeterias and the classrooms.  A shift in how we educate our kids about what they eat can change the relationship today’s youth has with food and change the trajectory of the obesity epidemic in our country.

We believe in the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  
Let’s do things the way our grandparents did… eat more fruits + veggies, make meals from scratch, celebrate our communities.  When you eat REAL good, you feel REAL good!

We believe in our brand and the organizations the sale of our goods will support.    
Quirky, optimistic, and fun…The Wellgro Co. brand aims to connect our customers with groups that do good so that YOU can help us save the world!  We give to amazing organizations who help put REAL food in school cafeterias and classrooms. 

We believe in doing good and making a difference.  
When you purchase goods from our online shop, you not only get great stuff… you also help us make a positive impact on the childhood obesity epidemic in our country.  Get REAL cool goods & do some good too…what could be better?